When people have problems in their sexual relationships it can often help to talk with a trained therapist as well as with the GP (who may well suggest counselling alongside any medical treatment). I am happy to work with individuals or couples providing a space where both parties can express themselves on a range of issues. The following issueswould benefit from psychosexual therapy:

Erectile dysfunction
Rapid or delayed ejaculation
Desire or arousal difficulties
Painful intercourse
Sexual identity
Sexual shame
Compulsive behaviour
Sexual health
The impact of childhood sexual abuse
Gender and sexual diversities: (LGBT/non-monogamies/kink)

Approaching sexual issues

I integrate my knowledge by drawing on elements of different therapeutic approaches – offering a safe place to discuss, explore and address your goals and concerns.

I am passionate about people experiencing sexuality as an integral and joyful part of themselves. I hope to encourage an emphasis on sensuality and pleasure rather than what is a gendered, cultural and social performance. For the client to explore what works best and to become more open to having a good-enough sexual experience.

What does it involve?

The focus of sessions can be finding the right tools to aid with your main issues. This maybe a blend of behavioural activities, education, self-help tools, mindfulness, meditation and breathing techniques. The therapeutic relationship itself supports individuals and couples in rediscovering themselves sexually, whilst developing a more conscious sexual self-esteem.