Relationships can turn into the most challenging aspect of our life. It might have become difficult to talk, or you feel a great distance from each other. Something happened between you and your partner and you are left with negative feelings. Shared goals have changed, or one of you has been disloyal. Possibly grief or illness has impacted on your relationship and you feel helpless. Maybe you want to explore the possibilities of a divorce? Or perhaps you are just feeling stuck and don’t know who to turn to.

In relationship counselling I see both individuals and couples. I am particularly interested in working with couples to improve communication. We discuss what is happening and how to go forward. By facing one another honestly and learning new ways to relate and to communicate, you can transform your conflict and build a more realistic foundation on which you can resolve your difficulties in the future.

I work with any couple, honouring heterosexuality and non-heteronormative expressions, identities and lifestyles within the relationship. I support both of you while working through personal and shared difficulties.

I use the term ‘psychosexual therapy’ to refer to focused, often time-limited work on particular sexual issues, and ‘couple counselling’ to describe a journey of exploration into the couple’s relationship.